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Bond Breakers

Now, tilt-up slab and site-precast concrete construction techniques complete construction quickly. So construction hours are reduced. Bond breakers allow the concrete to separate from each other without compromising the strength or appearance of the concrete.

Therefore, contractors can complete the construction work of the building structure better and faster using the precast concrete unit. This includes the construction of structures such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, schools, hospitals, offices, and residences.

Most bond breakers are designed to provide curing compounds to the top sides of casting slabs or molds and precast members.

What Are Bond Breakers?

Bond breakers are products developed by an engineer. It is used to easily separate two surfaces. It mostly uses wax, petroleum-based substances, or grease. But these chemicals change the characteristics of the surface by the chemical reaction with the surface on which they are applied.

Bond breakers are used more in precast units.  It is used in precast units to remove precast from the formwork. It also provides enough strength to lift and move pieces of precast.

Bond breakers are applied to the surface of the formwork so that the concrete precast can be easily separated from the formwork. It is used in special formwork in precast products such as cement pipes, concrete blocks, U-shaped drains, etc.

Precast products like concrete pipe, and u-shape drain are loaded into the truck using equipment like a crane. This product is then unloaded on the site. Bond breakers are commonly used in tilt-up walls and concrete precast units.

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