Different Types of Wall Finishes

different types of wall finishes

What Is Interior Wall Finishes?

Interior wall finishes make an attractive effect to hide building elements, including structural members, insulation, pipes, and wires.

The process that is done to the wall to enhance the interior or exterior look is called wall finish. The material used for the finish for the interior wall is quite fragile and therefore needs to be maintained. Interior finishes are mainly used for leveling rough walls, and roof surfaces, and installing hardware doors and windows.

Interior wall finishes are plumb and straight. The surface can be textured and the finish is durable depending on the wall material. Interior wall finishing materials are used to finish the surface in different ways. Such as stain, paint or wallpaper decoration finish, etc.

It is important that the interior finishes work in the right order. Once a special finish is applied, care is taken to prevent it from getting damaged. A definite finish should be done by a skilled craftsman so that the finish can be shown to be of final quality. The finished background is properly dried before applying a specific finish.

Intern. Internal Finish Finishes are divided into two categories. – Self Finishing or Applied Finish. Wet finishing or dry finishing finish that is commonly found in domestic buildings: – Applied finish – is a finish that is applied to the site. Self Finish – A finish that is mixed into the material itself.

Different Types of Wall Finishes

Wall finishing is used to give a decorative effect to the interior and exterior of a building wall.

The different types of wall finish are as follows,

  1. Wood Paneling Wall Finish
  2. Cement Plaster Wall Finish
  3. Tiles Cladding Wall Finish
  4. Coral Wall finish
  5. Plaster of Paris Wall Finish
  6. Gypsum Plaster Wall Finish
  7. Stained Glass Wall Finish
  8. Cement Textured Finish

Types of Interior Wall Finishes

1. Interior Wood Wall Paneling

Wood Paneling Wall Finish

Interior wood wall paneling is an attractive effect that is applied to the walls according to the design of the wood panels. Different types of wood panels are used in wood paneling wall finishes. Wood is polished after finishing.

2. Cement Plaster Wall Finish

Cement Plaster Wall Finish

Plastering wall finishes is a common method used in the interior of buildings. Cement plastering wall finish is easier and faster than other types of wall finishes.

Prepared in appropriate proportions with a mixture of cement, sand, and water and then applied to the surface.

The final finish in this method is done by the float.

3. Tiles Cladding Wall Finish

Tiles Cladding Wall Finish

Different types of tiles are used in the cladding wall finish of the tile, which enhances the attractive appearance of the interior of the composition.

The wall is rough plastered before the tile is fixed to the wall.

The plaster is cured for seven days to strengthen it. Then, The tiles are fixed with cement.

4. Coral Wall finish

Coral Wall finish

The coral finishing plaster has the same finish as the plaster of Paris finish and the gypsum plaster finish. Coral is a type of plaster material used as a finishing plaster. Coral plaster gives a rough decorative effect.

5. Plaster of Paris Wall Finish

Plaster of Paris Wall Finish

Plaster of  Paris is a mixture of white powder and water. This material is applied to the wall. It hardens when it dries. The chemical name used in it is ‘Calcium Sulphate Hemihydrates.’ Which is white powdered hydrated calcium sulfate.

6. Gypsum Plaster Wall Finish

Gypsum Plaster Wall Finish

This plaster is used in the same way as the plaster of Paris, but it uses gypsum-based material to make mortar. Gypsum plaster is more durable and beautiful than a plaster of Paris finish.

7. Stained Glass Wall Finish

Stained Glass Wall Finish

A stained glass wall finishes types is given a very creative wall finish. The stained glass finish is used to give a decorative effect on walls and ceilings, which are decorated with various glass frosting.

8. Cement Textured Finish

The cement texture finish is prepared by mixing the right amount of cement, water, and sand. It is applied to the wall with a trowel. It is then painted with paint. Which sounds like a pretty nice finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Are the Types of Wall Finishes?

Here are some different types of wall finishes:

  1. Cement plastered Finish
  2. Cement Textured Finish
  3. Plaster of Paris Finish
  4. Gypsum Plaster Finish
  5. Glass Mosaic Finish

What Is Wall Finishes?

A wall finish is a final surface treatment applied to the walls of a building or room to enhance its appearance and provide protection. Wall finishes are an essential part of interior design and add significantly to the overall beauty of a space.

What Is the Most Common Type of Wall Finishes?

Cladding is one of the most common and popular types of wall finishes. There are various kinds of stones available for you to choose from if you opt for this type of wall finish. For example, granite, marble, glazed tiles, or vitrified tiles.

What Types of Interior Wall Finishes Materials Can Be Used?

However, below are some of the popularly used interior wall finishing materials.

  1. Wooden Paneling Wall Material.
  2. Plastic Panels Wall Material.
  3. Glass Wall Material.
  4. Veneer Plaster Wall Material.
  5. Tile and marble cladding Wall Material.
  6. Plywood Wall Material.

How Many Types of Wall Paint Finishes Are There?

There are five different finish and sheen options to choose from when buying interior paint: matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss.

What Are the Best Types of Exterior Wall Finishes?

The satin or eggshell finish is preferable for the exterior of a home. A satin/eggshell finish satisfies basic maintenance points while providing a pleasant appearance that appeals to the widest range of homeowners.

What Are Best Design Interior Walls?

Drywall is the most common material for internal walls so far. It is inexpensive, easy to install, and fire-resistant. It can also be covered with almost any finish – wallpaper, paint, architectural vinyl film, and more.

Types of Drywall Finish

  1. Popcorn.
  2. Orange Peel.
  3. Smooth Finish.
  4. Knockdown.
  5. Skip-Trowel.
  6. Swirl.
  7. Rosebud.
  8. Stompbrush/Slapbrush.

Types of Wall Texture Finish

  1. Comb texture.
  2. Knockdown texture.
  3. Orange peel texture.
  4. Spray sand texture.
  5. Sand swirl texture.
  6. Skip trowel texture.
  7. Slap brush texture.

Modern Interior Wall Finishes

  1. Veneer Plaster Wall Material ·
  2. Glass Wall Material ·
  3. Ceramic Tiles ·
  4. Plastic Panels Wall Material ·
  5. Plywood Wall Material ·
  6. Wallpapers Material

Types of Exterior Wall Finish

  1. Stained Glass Finish
  2. Tile Cladding
  3. Pebbles Finish
  4. Coral Finish
  5. Canfor Finish
  6. Wood Panelling
  7. Sand Textured Finish
  8. Flakes Finish

Interior Wall Finishes

  1. Veneer Plaster Wall Material ·
  2. Glass Wall Material ·
  3. Ceramic Tiles ·
  4. Plastic Panels Wall Material ·
  5. Plywood Wall Material ·
  6. Wallpapers Material

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