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What Is Plum Concrete | Plum Concrete Meaning | Plum Concrete Ratio | Plum Concrete Specification

What Is Plum Concrete

What Is Plum Concrete? Plum concrete is used in special cases where the soil level is very uneven. The use of this concrete reduces the cost of plum concrete as compared to PCC concrete. Plum concrete is hard rubble and is made of a mix design m10. Which is usually proportional to 60% rubble and …

What is Tributary Area? | Tributary Area in Column | How to Calculate Tributary Areas

Tributary Area

What is Tributary Area? The Tributary area is the area around the column that is surrounded by the centerline, which transfers the load of the column to the ground. Let us consider the slab supported by the beam and column as an example. The amount of load transferred to any member can be determined using …

What Is Concrete Mix Ratio? | Type of Concrete Mix Ratio | Factor Affecting of Concrete Mix Ratio

all about of Concrete Mix Ratio (1)

What Is a Concrete Mix Ratio? The concrete mix ratio is doing a selection of the right component of concrete and determining the specific strength and durability of the concrete as economically as possible. There are four main components for mixture for concrete. These four components are cement, sand, aggregate, and admixture, respectively. Durability can …