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Gable Roof

The gable roof has its own significance in the different roof gables used in houses. The gable roof house is triangular in shape, which corresponds to the English alphabet A.

Roofing is an important element of any building structure. The roof gable of any building protects the entire structure of the building in different weather conditions. Protects the building against weather conditions like rain, snow, hail, etc.

Different types of roofs have been developed according to weather conditions. The construction of different types of roofs in houses is found all over the world.

This type of roof is constructed with the slope in two opposite directions.

What Is Gable Roof?

gable roof

Gable roof is constructed of two sloping sections in opposite directions. Gable roofs are commonly found in some parts of the world in areas with cold or temperate climates.

The gable roof can be modified according to the design of the building. Two gable roofs can be designed and used to get more depth in the building roof.

General details are required in the construction of a gable roof. It does not require extra details. So gable roof is easy to construct.

Due to this gable roof is more prevalent in the world due to its ease of construction.

Historical Development of Gable Roof

The history of the gable-style roof is found in Greek culture. In ancient times a gable style roof was used to create a roof for a Greek temple. The gable roof was gradually used in countries like Europe and America.

Even today, in some European and American countries, gable roof shapes are used to construct buildings.

Between the 14th and 17th centuries, buildings using gabled roofs became popular. And during this period, Italian architecture was influenced by the construction of gable roofs.

Gable Roof Design

The gabled roof structure consists of two opposite side sections from the roof ridge point. The two side slope sections of the gable roof connect at the top. Which is called the ridge point.

The pitch and gutter in the gable roof are designed according to the design of the building. The roof shape consists of a ridge board parallel to the rooftop and exterior walls.

The ridge board is between the tops of two common rafters. This ridge board is fixed with rafters by nail. The rafter is fixed in such a way that the slope remains in the downward direction. The rafter is fixed to the nail along the outer walls.

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Types of Gable Roofs

Different types of Gable Roof Shapes:

  • Front Gable Roof
  • Box Gable Roof
  • Cross Gable Roof
  • Gable Roof with Shed Roof Addition
  • Dutch Gable Roof

1. Front Gable Roof

Front Gables Roof

The front roof gable is usually constructed at the entrance of the house. This design can be found mostly in colonial-style homes.

A front gabled roof is also known as false-front gables. This type of gable roof is not a real roof but is used for an attractive front.

2. Box Gable Roof

Box Gable Roof

This type of gable roof has a similar design to the classic design. This type of gable roof is characterized by triangular extensions at each gable end roof of the house. And the roof section ends at the end of the box.

A box-type gable roof is placed on top of the hip roof to create more space in the attic.

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3. Cross Gable Roof

Cross Gable Roof (2)

Cross gable roof structure consists of two or more gable roofs. In which the roofs intersect at an angle to each other. Usually, two gable roofs extend at right angles to each other.

Depending on the design of this type of gable roof, the layout of the building is often complicated.

For example, cross gable roofs can be used in extended homes as separate wings, a large porch, or an attached garage.

4. Gable Roof with Shed Roof Addition

Gable Roof with Shed Roof Addition (1)

This type of roof is designed to add a shed roof as a gable roof for expansion in older roof systems.

This is a popular simple solution for buildings that want to extend as a hybrid design. This type of roof provides the opportunity for more headroom and space without completely changing the design and aesthetics.

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5. Dutch Gable Roof

Dutch Gable Roof

The dutch gable roof is attached to the hip roof. A Dutch gable roof is formed on top of a hip roof with a slope on all four sides. Also commonly called a gablet.

The dutch gable roof is a combination of the roof of the main building and the pyramid roof in the tower, adding to the variety of hip roofs.

This dutch gable can be used as a shed dorm on the roof. In which the building is decorated by a single slope roof. Gambrel roofs are a type of gable roof. Which are commonly associated with Dutch building traditions and pantries. Its design makes maximum use of space under the roof.

This Side Gable Roof is a popular design for some homeowners due to the specialty of this dutch gable roof. dutch gable roof design to enhance the aesthetics of the building. In addition, dutch gable roofs are used to provide practical work as well.

Gable Roof Insulation

Proper insulation and a watertight system should be considered when planning how to construct a gable roof that will provide dependable protection from temperature variations. By installing insulation and vapour barriers (waterproofing materials) in the right order, you may ensure that the house will remain dry and warm for many years.

The vapour barrier must first be installed, pressing it firmly against the rafters using nailing strips. Any insulation with similar qualities, such as mineral wool, is spread out from above.

The roofing material is really placed on top and waterproofing that covers the insulation is fixed underneath the lathing.

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Cost of Roofing Gable Construction

Generally, the market cost of gable roof construction is about  $8 to $16 per square foot. Its exact rate depends on the market price of different materials.

For a 1,000-square-foot roof, costs can range from an average of $ 8000 to $16,000. Extra gables and dormers are treated as extra iteam rate.

Life of Gable Roof

The life of a gable roof depends on various factors. Such as the quality of the material used and the periodic maintenance of the roof. Properly installed gable roofs can last up to 40 years.

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Advantages of Gable Roof

  1. Water Drainage: This type of roof can be used as a drainage system as it is of slope type. Due to the gable roof design, water and snow can slide easily from the roof. This feature of a gable roof reduces the risk of leakage from the roof and ensures the safety of the roof. Such a feature can last a long time.
  2. Material: There is an option to use any material from a variety of materials to build any roof. Depending on the requirements in gable roofs, metal sheets, clay tiles, and concrete tiles can be used to build the roof.
  3. Easy to Build:  The design of a gable roof is simple and its specification is also simple. Gable roof construction is very easy and fast compared to other roofing options.
  4. Gable Roof Cost: The gable roof is easy to construct and can be used as an economical roofing alternative. The cost of designing this type of roof is lower than other complex roofing options.
  5. Additional Space: The triangular design of the gable roof provides more space for the homeowner. Homeowners can benefit from ventilation because of the gable roof.

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Disadvantage of Gable Roof

  1. Wind Damage: It is not advisable to use a gable roof in hurricane areas. The design of the gable roof is unable to withstand high winds compared to other types of roofs. Because its design is kind of a stepper pitch. This allows the top of the roof to easily trap the wind.
  2. Proper Installation: While the design of the gable roof is quite simple, it should be done using a suitable material. In this type of roof, its framing should be installed in such a way that it transfers sufficient load. If this roof is not installed properly, there is a risk of roof collapse.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Gable Roof

A gable roof is a pitched roof consisting of two sections. It is a suitable option in cold or temperate climates. This roof shape is made up of rafters, roof trusses, or purlins.

Gable Roof Design

  1. Front Gable Roofs
  2. Cross Gable Roof
  3. Wooden Gable Roof
  4. Dutch Gable Roofs
  5. Side Gable Roof
  6. Boxed Gable Roof
  7. Asphalt Shingle Gable Roof

What Is a Gable Roof

A Gable roof is constructed of two sloping sections in opposite directions. Gable roofs are commonly found in some parts of the world in areas with cold or temperate climates.

What Does a Gable Roof Look Like?

A gable roof has a distinct triangular shape. This type of roof also called pointed roof or sloped roof is one of the most common designs.

Gable Dormer

Gable dormers are triangular shaped roof structures. It usually has a window that leads to the building’s roof. Dormers are used by architects in their designs to maximise the available space in the loft and to open windows in the plane of the roof. Different types of dormer designs have evolved over time in various architectural styles.

Dutch Gable Roof

The Dutch gable roof can also be called a gablet. It consists at the top of a roof of a small gable. There are two sloping sides at the top center of this type of gable roof.

Gable End Roof

Gable End Roof is a section of wall located at the end of a pitched roof, between the edges of the intersecting pitches. It is usually triangular and extends from the eaves to the ridge.

Gable Porch Roof

A Gable porch is a type of porch with a sloped roof. Its most interesting feature is the triangular shape in the front which creates the visual effect of the house having two roofs.  A gable porch roof is the top of a porch roof basically a triangular structure that covers the porch.

Gable Style Roof

A gable style roof is a style of roof that typically has two large sloping sides starting at a ridge that extends down to the end.

Types of Gable Roofs

  1. Front Gables Roof
  2. Box Gable Roof
  3. Cross Gable Roof
  4. Gable Roof with Shed Roof Addition
  5. Dutch Gable Roof

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