What Is a Roof Cricket and How Does It Work?

What Is a Roof Cricket

Many homeowners are confused by the question of water infiltration damage from their roofs. Which can be the biggest intrusion coming from your chimney. For that, you need proper roofing material installation around the chimney. But, if you want to be leak-free, then as a suitable alternative, you need to install a roof cricket behind the chimney.

I’m going to talk to you about a design that will help direct the water in your roof to properly flow into the gutter. This is especially important around your chimney.

What Is A Roof Cricket?

Roof Cricket is saddle. it is a ridge structure used to divert water from the roof through a large penetration area. such as a skylight, equipment Curb, or chimney. In some cases, it can also be used to transition from one roof area to another. Its purpose is to divert water into drainage usually installed on low slopes or flat roofs with parapet walls opposite or perpendicular to the main roof slope.

A cricket pitch is sometimes similar to the rest of the roof pitch, but it may not always be the same pitch for every roof pitch. For sloping roofs, the cricket pitch may be equal to or less than the slope of the roof. However, a flat roof cricket pitch is at least 50% steeper than a roof pitch. Which is installed to reduce ponding in flat roofs.

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How Does a Roof Cricket Work?

Without a chimney cricket, water flows down the roof slope and hits the back wall of the chimney. Then, the water will run down the sides and enter the gutter. However, it can damage the masonry behind your chimney. Which is caused by a water pool. This has become a problem, especially for historic homes. No specific chimney material is available for repair.

A properly installed roof cricket prevents damage from developing from the pooling of water. It will direct rainwater away from the chimney, into the roof gutters.

The slope of the roof cricket should be so high that water can never reach its top. For that, the chimney saddle is set at a higher pitch than the roof on which it is installed. Read on to know the slope and height of your chimney cricket, according to international guidelines and building codes.

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Are Roof Crickets Necessary?

Roofing professionals often highly recommend a chimney cricket. However, the chimney is a very sensitive part of your roof. So it is very important to seal it. Moreover, it is an important architectural feature of your home.

A chimney saddle is very useful as a chimney flashing. That protects your chimney and the rest of your home from water damage and leaks.

If you need cricket to seal your chimney, you can contact an IKO contractor for installation. This will give you suggestions to install roof cricket based on the material of your roof.

How to Shingle a Roof Cricket?

According to the building code, you can install shingles on the chimney cricket on your roof. However, roof flashing is usually a very suitable option for that. Cricket creates two valleys. which directs the water to flow easily. And IKO contractor recommends metal valleys.

If you are going to install asphalt shingles over the chimney saddle, you should install metal flashing first. Next, you should install the saddle on the shingle. It is necessary to install a shingle on the roof around the chimney. Therefore, you should install ridge cap shingles on the chimney saddle ridge before you install the shingles on the roof.

The shingle layer on the saddle extends below the roof shingles, so you need to have a small overlap. So that the water will easily flow from the roof cricket to the roof without lifting any shingles. You need to properly cut the shingles on the roof planes. so that they form equal straight lines in the center of both the valleys.

Chimney Cricket Cost

The design of the chimney on each roof is different. Custom designs and styles are also available to fit your cricket on roof based on the pitch of your roof. At Aurum Roofing, for a 30-inch size chimney, roof cricket cost can be around $400.00. That includes labor and materials for installing a new roof.

If you are looking to repair your existing chimney and have a custom cricket fitted to your existing roof, that includes the roof repair in your total cost. Which increases the labor cost slightly more than a new cricket install.

Typically crickets added to a roof repair, it can cost approximately an additional $300.00. Because they have to work carefully around the existing staircase. Thus, a roof repair can cost $700.00 for a roof cricket install and $400 for a new roof installation.

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Roof Cricket Design

Pond water can be a major cause of failure of any roofing system. If cricket is designed properly, pond water can be eliminated. Which increases the life span of the roof system.

Roof Cricket Design Guidelines

  1. The slope of the cricket for roof should be twice the slope of the roof surface.
  2. Depending on the slope of the roof surface, its acceptable maximum length and width ratio should be determined.
  3. Cricket roofing efficiency is determined by the cricket valley slope.
  4. The cricket valley slope should be designed properly.

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Roof Cricket Detail

Roof Cricket Design

Chimney Cricket Flashing

What is Chimney Cricket Flashing? Many people are not aware of cricket on chimney. But, for some chimneys, it is a water leak prevention material. If your chimney is located on the slope of your roof, water pooling may be a problem where your exterior chimney meets the roof.

In a roof made of aluminum, galvanized steel, or stainless steel, a chimney cricket can be installed on the back of your chimney. That keeps water and debris away from your chimney. and protects against water leakage in chimney bricks and mortar.

Flat Roof Cricket

A flat roof cricket is a triangular structure designed to divert water from areas of the roof that, in residential roofing, place a cricket so that water does not collect behind it. Crickets roof can also be used on high sides of HVAC units, skylights, and other curbs.

Cricket roof chimney designs can be made in many shapes and sizes. However, the diamond shape is more commonly used. Water can be diverted to the scupper by using a quarter diamond in the corner of the roof parapet wall. Likewise, half diamonds can also be used behind skylights, HVAC units, or other curbs. A full diamond cricket should be used between the two drains.

Metal Roof Cricket

If you are installing open metal valleys on the roof, it may be worth installing Metal Roof Cricket. If you’re installing closed valleys, it’s worth installing cricket flashing and shingles for your roof.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is the Purpose of a Roof Cricket?

A roof cricket is designed to divert water away from the back of a chimney or other roof obstruction to prevent water damage to the roof.

What Is the Roof Cricket Called?

The roof cricket is also known by several other names, including chimney cricket, saddle, or simply a roof saddle.

Are Roof Crickets Necessary?

Roof crickets are not always necessary, but they are highly recommended in areas with high rainfall, and snowfall, or where roofs have a low pitch. Without a roof cricket, water can collect at the back of a chimney or other roof obstructions and cause damage to the roof, including leaks, rot, and deterioration. Installing a roof cricket can help prevent these issues and extend the life of the roof.

What Is a Flat Roof Cricket?

A flat roof cricket is a type of cricket that is specifically designed for flat roofs. Unlike traditional crickets, which are installed at the back of a chimney or roof obstruction, flat roof crickets are installed at the intersection of two flat roof sections. They are typically sloped at a 45-degree angle to create a peak that diverts water away from the intersection and prevents ponding. Flat roof crickets are important for preventing water damage to flat roofs and ensuring proper drainage.

What Is a Cricket on a Roof?

Crickets are triangular structures designed to divert water away from areas of a roof that may collect water. In residential roofing, we tend to think of chimneys as the prime example – chimney cricket. Here you would place a cricket behind the chimney in a triangular pattern so water doesn’t collect behind it.

Roof Cricket

Roof Cricket is a triangular structures. It is used to divert water from the roof through a large penetration area. such as a skylight, equipment Curb, or chimney.

Chimney Cricket Cost

Chimney Cricket Cost can usually range from $3000-$6000. chimney cricket installation cost may vary based on chimney size, roofing material, accessibility and labor costs.

Cricket Flashing Roof

A cricket is a V-shaped metal flashing. It is used to divert water and is installed on the high side of the chimney to prevent water pooling.

Chimney Roof Cricket

A chimney cricket is installed on the high side of a chimney to divert water and prevent water pooling. That protects your chimney and the rest of your home from water damage and leaks.

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