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What Is Superelevation? | Purpose of Superelevation | Maximum & Minimum Superelevation | Design of Superelevation | Method of Providing Superelevation to the Roads

What Is Superelevation? (1)

What Is Superelevation? The designer creates a transverse inclination in designing the cross-section of the pavement on a horizontally curved road, known as superelevation. Superelevation plays an important role in road construction to prevent vehicles from overturning on a horizontal turn. Superelevation is essential for the safe drive of vehicles on curved sections of roads. It …

What Is Concept Drawings? | Architecture Concept Drawing | Types of Drawings for Building Design

What Is Concept Drawing?

What Is Concept Drawings? Concept drawings or sketches are a kind of freehand drawings. Used by architects, engineers, and interior designers to give initial ideas for designs in this type of drawing. This type of drawing is done in a quick and easy way. This type of drawing does not have accurate or decisive points. …

What Is Oblique Drawing? | Oblique Projection | Procedure for Oblique Drawing – Example | Types of Oblique Drawing

oblique drawing

What Is Oblique Drawing? Oblique drawing is a drawing in which the front view of the object is drawn to the correct size, and its side surfaces are drawn at an angle to give a pictorial appearance. An oblique drawing can show an accurate front view of the object without distortion. Generally, an object’s face …